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 SMS Alert Service 

     ¤ Get instant notification for all your transactions wherever you are.

     ¤ Visit your branch to subscribe for the service 

ATM Card

     ¤ Access your account and withdraw cash any day and any time through Pesapoint partnered Bank’s ATM across Kenya

     ¤ 24x7 Customer care helpline to BLOCK your card: 0703053000/ 0703053228 /0703053226 / 070353279 / 070305321

      ¤ Visit our nearest branch and apply for Baroda ATM Card 

Baroda Connect (Click To Access)

     ¤ Retail and Corporate customer can access their account 24X7 through internet

     ¤ It is SECURE, CONVENIENT and FREE service to access your account through internet

     ¤ Transfer fund to your linked account or other BOB-Kenya account

      ¤ Visit our nearest branch and apply for BarodaConnect 

KRA i-Tax Payment

     ¤ Pay all your taxes through our bank.

     ¤ KRA i-Tax payment facility available at all our branches 

Rapid Fund To India

    ¤ Efficient Remittance to India with Bank of Baroda or any other bank in India

    ¤ Available to customers / non-customer

    ¤ Hassle free and easy money transfer to India

    ¤ Instant credit to beneficiary’s account with any branch of Bank of Baroda in India

    ¤ Same day / within 24hrs credit to beneficiary’s account with branch of other Banks in India which are RTGS/NEFT enabled.

     ¤ Trade related Payment NOT allowed under RapidFunds2India more>>>