Regular Income cum Recurring Deposit Scheme (RIRD)

RIRD is a Term Deposit Scheme with compounding of interest at quarterly intervals.


Minimum: Ksh 50,000/-

Maximum: No Limit


Minimum Period of Deposit       : 12 Months

Maximum Period of Deposit      : 60 Months

Rate Of Interest:

As per card rate for respective tenure (applicable at the time of deposit).

Other Features:

No penal interest on premature payment after 12 months. However, interest will be paid as per the rate applicable for the actual period for which the deposit has remained with the bank.

For premature payment before 12 months simple interest will be payable (instead of compounding rate of interest).

Baroda Asset Financing Scheme


Hassle Free Loan for purchasing new vehicle for road transport.


Individual, Proprietorship & Partnership Firms, Private Limited companies and Registered Societies engaged in trading/manufacturing business.

Loan Amount:

Maximum Loan Amount : Kshs 5.00 Mn (Per Vehicle)

Margin: 20% (Minimum)


Maximum 60 monthly installments +interest as applicable, commencing from next month after disbursement.

Rate Of Interest:

Competitive Rate of Interest Linked to CBR.

Other Features:

Simplified Loan Processing

No Prepayment Charges

No Documentation Charges